Empower Mind: Reverse Cognitive Aging and Achieve Youthfulness for Professional Women
Are you a woman thriving in your career? Yet, you struggle with brain fog, focus, and clarity. 

Perhaps, you have headaches that have not responded to traditional treatments. 

And maybe as you experience perimenopause and menopause your mood swings, aggression toward your family and friends, and the memory loss just make you feel like a complete failure. 

Come and join Dr. Maria and coach Nikki for an afternoon of fun and experiential learning that will result in better brain health. 

Price: $50 - includes mid-afternoon snack, beverage, and printed workbook; Upgrade to VIP "A la Carte Experience” (VIP option does not include blood draw fee)
  • VIP Option One: 1 session with Dr. Maria which include labs: Lipid w ApoB and Lpa; CMP, A1C, Fasting Insulin and 1 session with coach Nikki  = $300
  • VIP Option Two: 1 session with Dr. Maria which includes functional lab Polygenetic Risk Factor and 1 session with coach Nikki = $425

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